Lost seeks found

So, I’m new to these social matching websites, and I feel somewhat ashamed that it has come to this.  All my friends tell me that I’m smart and cute and fun to hold, but its been hard to find someone who won’t put me down after an afternoon of cuddling.  I’ve felt distant from everyone since “it” happened.  I know that it wasn’t my fault, and I try to remind myself that she loved me, and never would’ve meant to hurt me on purpose.  But it still hurts to be left like that.  I’m telling you(whoever you are) this now so you know what you’re getting into.

I was left here by Momochan last year, and I’ve been waiting for her to come back ever since.  I know she is young, easily distracted and maybe she doesn’t know what she wants, but nevertheless being dumped by a six year old stinks.  Maybe I’m wiser and more mature because of it, but then again maybe I’m just damaged goods.  I wonder if she ever misses me, thinks about my big ears and fuzzy nose, or all of our hugs and cuddles – I haven’t forgotten any of them.  Once a heart is broken, the easier it is to fall apart all over again.  That being said, I’ve put the pieces back together and I’m ready to start being with someone again.

If you’re still reading… hello!  My name is Kato, and I love cuddling!  I hope you know I have the purest intentions when I say that.  Cuddling is my most favorite thing to do, and it’s my calling.  So, if you want a hug-a-buck, cuddle-bunny, or an easy-squeezey I’m your man!  If it’s a long car ride home, during a time-out, or when your folks are entertaining new people I’m always around with a soft embrace at the ready.

So, “describe yourself?”  This feels so awkward talking about my body, but here goes nothing!  I’m nearly 12” tall and I’ve slimed down to 14oz. in the past month which is a big accomplishment for someone with my diet, metabolism, and daily exercise routine. I have big feet, and long floppy ears, and they are proportional.  My coat is a lush silver pile with hidden stitching.  Allow me to quote Mr. Willie Dixon when I say, “I’m built for comfort, I ain’t built for speed.”  If a svelte, athletic body type is a quality you look for, maybe my cousin, Jack, would be more to your liking.  I myself am all about cute, so don’t come at me with your wild childish fantasies of turtle racing, and cartoon-like tomfoolery, or trying to rub my feet for good luck.  Although I am always tempted by that last one, the answer is still no.  I’m a cuddle bunny and that’s that.

Now what about you?  Looks aren’t that important to me for a couple of reasons.  The first being that I understand that we all change over the years, and I don’t expect you to be forever young.  Another, and perhaps more salient reason is that my eyes are spaced so wide on my head that I rarely get a good look of what’s in front of me.  I would prefer it, if you have decent hygiene.  I’m a proprietary blend of cotton and synthetic, so I’m washable (tumble dry on low heat please), but that doesn’t mean I enjoy being drooled on, being fed your unwanted “yucky” yogurt (Hello! My mouth doesn’t open), being buried in the sand, or being handled immediately following your left nostril expedition.  Furthermore, I know that accidents happen, but you must be willing to show every effort to relieve yourself before climbing into bed for the night.  I could tell you horror stories about waking up in a child’s warm, fresh, salty urine, but horror stories are against my nature.  What we do in bed together should be safe and enjoyable for everyone.  The bedroom is where most of my talents are put to use, so lets not soil it.

I want a commitment, but I’ve been around the block long enough to know that I’m not the only one you’ll be sleeping with.  I’m not naive, but I am realistic about my own personal goals.  I want to be your “main squeeze.”  I want to be the one you bring to the dentist, to Nana’s house, to the dinner table even though you’re not allowed to, and the one you bring on your first day of school.  I want a 5-10 year commitment with the possibility of more.  If you have a younger brother or sister, I don’t mind being passed around…

I hope you like what you’ve read, but if not thats ok too.  I’m not for everyone, and that’s ok because I’m a one kid bunny.  I thought thats what I had with Momocha but I guess she has moved on, and I’m ready to do the same.  Lets start making some new bedtime memories today.  Just you. Just me.  Bunny and baby.  Lost and found.



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